Hi, I'm Matt Wilkinson

As a documentary style wedding photographer, it's been a privilege over the years of playing a part in almost one hundred weddings, big and small. It's always a little strange calling photography my occupation; it’s more a passion.

Photography has played a huge part in my life since being taught how to use an Nikon SLR film camera by my Dad in the seventies. I've carried this enthusiasm through for almost forty years, moving in to digital technologies, whilst still looking to learn new techniques and push my skills that little bit further.

My overall objective with any wedding is to capture those natural moments. Most people still want a few family group photos, which I'm more than happy to do, but candid images capture those genuine expressions, emotion and personalities. 

My style could be described as relaxed, in that I'm not trying to get people to pose the whole time. But I am also hard working in the sense that I'll be doing my best to get visually compelling images that capture the atmosphere of the big day.

I aim to offer the best possible coverage of your wedding day, at an affordable rate. In today’s financial climate, I am all about providing a quality service for the right price.